Creating a Global Platform of Support

Everyday Heroes are doing critical work in areas such as gender equality, human rights, education, social inclusion, and economic reform.

The Global Hope Coalition is taking action to engage, mobilize and strengthen the global network of Everyday Heroes fighting to end violent extremism, preserve cultural heritage and promote intercultural dialogue by:

  • Creating and fostering a support network
  • Establishing training programs
  • Setting up a results based evaluation, monitoring and reporting system
  • Enhancing fundraising capabilities
  • Facilitating academic and leadership outreach

The founding members of the Global Hope Coalition are men and women of from various backgrounds and cultures, united in the conviction that extremism and intolerance pose a grave threat to the future of our children, shared cultural heritage and intercultural relations. This threat can only be overcome through the mobilization of civil society forces, international organizations, and the private sector working in tandem with Member States of the United Nations.

The Global Hope Coalition’s goal is to become to violent extremism what Amnesty International ┬áis to human rights: a trusted global platform and internationally recognized reference.